Login to Handshake Today!

On behalf of Metropolitan State, we are excited to tell you that the university is transitioning its current system from CareerLink to Handshake—a modern platform for career management. Handshake easily manages your entire career search. In Handshake, you can manage your resumes, search and apply for jobs and internships, access career resources, register for events and much more.

“Sounds great. What do I need to do to get going?” you ask.

Handshake ready to be set up whenever you choose to log in.

HS LogoCurrent Students: Login with your Star ID email address and password.  Alumni: Register by clicking Need an Account

For more information contact the Career Center at 651-793-1528 or career.center@metrostate.edu

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Handshake Update

HS LogoEarlier this summer we announced that we are transitioning from our old job search tool, Career Link, to a new platform called Handshake. So far we’ve successfully transitioned over 300 employers into the new system. These employers are busy posting jobs and internships – we’re currently at over 100 postings.

I’m sure you’re wondering when and how you can login to see all the cool things Handshake has to offer. We’re excited too! Our talented IT staff and the great people at Handshake are currently working on the student and alumni logins. They’re getting close and everything will be ready soon.

What you need to do…just hang in there. As soon as students and alumni are able to login we’ll let you know. Instructions will be emailed, published in the newsletter, and posted on our website. Thanks again for being patient as we finalize the transition.

Train to Work in Banking!

In just three weeks, you can learn the professional and customer service skills you need for success in bank teller positions with PPL’s Train to Work – Banking program. You’ll also receive a first interview with local bank managers and recruiters looking for talented individuals ready to start their banking careers.

PPL.letterheadThis is for you because you have:

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • At least 6 months of customer services/cash handling experience in the last 3 years
  • A desire to enter the banking field as a teller

Interested? Join us for a one-hour Information Session held every Monday at 9:00 AM at the PPL Learning Center, 1925 Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis. There you’ll fill out an application and meet with staff to discuss next steps.

Class starts on August 3, 2015. $200 given upon graduation.

For more information: http://www.ppl-inc.org/learningcenter

Office Culture: The Best ‘Fit,’ or The Best Person For The Job?

Workplaces can be like high school all over again: There are the cool kids, the jocks, and the geeks. At times, it appears that “fitting in” is the most important aspect of a job.

Editable vector silhouettes of four people painting a blank wall different colors with copy space

Companies want to hire employees that fit with their mission and culture. But when does a “good fit” cloud an employer’s judgement about who is the best candidate for the job? Is this cultural trend something that works against both efficiency and diversity?

Lauren Rivera, associate professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, worries it has. She’s recently wrote about the “fitting in” culture for our partner The New York Times. Michael Melcher, an executive coach and a partner in the firm Next Step Partners, discusses the risks firms take making hiring decisions.

Listen to the audio here!

(Extracted from http://www.thetakeaway.org)

Preparing for the PCAT!

The PCAT Prep course is offered on Saturday mornings on the Twin Cities campus July 11th – August 15th . It is taught by current pharmacy students, SuHak Lee and Hilary Teaford, who scored well on the PCAT and want to help prospective PharmD students do well, too.

Highlights of the course include:

  • A small class size of under 25 students
  • A full-length practice test
  • PCAT study book
  • Class time covering each section of the PCAT


Many students who took the course in the past years were successfully admitted into pharmacy school!

For more information: CLICK HERE.

To register, CLICK HERE.