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Happy Spring to all!

One of the wonderful rites of spring is the graduation ceremony. As many of you prepare to walk across that stage to receive your diploma (congrats by the way!), you are also thinking about your next career step.

After you rest on your laurels a bit, it could be time to make a career transition or start the job search you have been too busy to tackle. It makes sense to stop and think about how you will go about this process. One powerful tool that is available to all is the D2L workshop, Career Steps. Look at it as your free checklist of 12 action items you could use to organize yourself. Even if you are not a new grad, take a look – it’s never too early to get started on this process.

Getting registered is easy: Simply log in to D2L and click on Self-Registration. From there, find Career Steps: Top 12 Things to do Before Graduation in the class menu and click on Register. Enter your first and last name and click submit. Once your registration is confirmed, click finish and that is it!


For more information about Career Steps, contact Bill Baldus, career counselor, at career.services@metrostate.edu or 651-793-1528

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How to Connect with Someone: Write a Personal Note

My advice is normally to connect via someone you both know, someone you are both connected with on LinkedIn. The quickest way to do this is to pick up the phone and ask this common connection to make an introduction in person, on the phone, via email or LinkedIn. Otherwise, find some common ground and write a personal note.

Some templates to get you started:

  1. “It was nice meeting you at the ____ event. I enjoyed talking to you about ____. Let’s stay in touch.”
  1. “I am a fellow member of the ____ LinkedIn group and I saw your comments about ____. I’d love to stay in touch so we can talk more about it.”
  1. “It’s been a long time since we talked, hope you are doing well. How are the kids? I see you are now working at ____ company, how is that going? Let’s stay in touch through Linked In.”
  1. “I was looking at your profile and I see you are a fellow alumni of Metropolitan State. I also noticed we have some similar interests. Can we chat sometime? I’ll buy you a cup of coffee.”
  1. “I was checking out your blog and I really liked your post about ____. Please accept my request to stay connected”.

The more personal you can be, the greater chances you have of being accepted.

Modified from http://theundercoverrecruiter.com/what-write-your-linkedin-invites-templates/

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Express Employment Professionals

Staffing Agencies can be a great way to “get your foot in the door.”  The Career Development Center is developing a list of them, here is an invite from one of them:

dfgdfghfghChoose Express Employment Professionals in Woodbury for assistance in your job search. They work in a variety of positions spanning many industries including Customer Service, Administrative Support, Reception, Warehouse, Manufacturing, and assembly. Part Time and Full Time schedules are currently available!

P: 651-731-9328


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Are Liberal Arts Degrees as important as they used to be?

Take a look and a listen at MPR’s coverage on having a Liberal Arts Degree.



How to Handle the “Tell me about yourself” Question

You know it’s coming. It’s the most feared question during any job interview.

Unfortunately, hiring managers and recruiters ask the question. Even if you’re not interviewing and you’re out networking in the community — you need to be ready to hear it and answer it. At all times.

First, consider the two essential elements behind the answers:

  1. The medium is the message. The interviewer cares less about your answer to this question and more about the confidence, enthusiasm and passion with which you answer it.
  2. The speed of the response is the response. The biggest mistake you could make is pausing, stalling or fumbling at the onset of your answer, thus demonstrating a lack of self-awareness and self-esteem.

Next time you’re faced with the dreaded, “Tell me about yourself…” question, try these:

  1. “I can summarize who I am in three words.” Grabs their attention immediately. Demonstrates your ability to be concise, creative and compelling.
  2. “The quotation I live my life by is…” Proves that personal development is an essential part of your growth plan. Also shows your ability to motivate yourself.
  3. “My personal philosophy is…” Companies hire athletes – not shortstops. This line indicates your position as a thinker, not just an employee.
  4. “People who know me best say that I’m…” This response offers insight into your own level of self-awareness.
  5. “Well, I googled myself this morning, and here’s what I found…” Tech-savvy, fun, cool people would say this. Unexpected and memorable.
  6. “My passion is…” People don’t care what you do – people care who you are. And what you’re passionate about is who you are. Plus, passion unearths enthusiasm.
  7. “When I was seven years old, I always wanted to be…” An answer like this shows that you’ve been preparing for this job your whole life, not just the night before.
  8. “If Hollywood made a movie about my life, it would be called…” Engaging, interesting and entertaining.
  9. “Can I show you, instead of tell you?” Then, pull something out of your pocket that represents who you are. Who could resist this answer? Who could forget this answer?
  10. “The compliment people give me most frequently is…” Almost like a testimonial, this response also indicates self-awareness and openness to feedback.

Keep in mind that these examples are just the opener. The secret is thinking how you will follow up each answer with relevant, interesting and concise explanations that make the already bored interviewer look up from his stale coffee and think, “Wow! That’s the best answer I’ve heard all day!”

Ultimately it’s about answering quickly, it’s about speaking creatively and it’s about breaking people’s patterns.

Responses like these are risky, unexpected and unorthodox. And that’s exactly why they work.

Full article: Click here

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I.T. Talent & Employer Meet Up

2015 April Meet Up Century

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Save the Date: Meet the Pros Event

Learn about about a day in the life of a professional communicator during the panel discussion, then connect during networking. This event is Twin Cities’ best opportunity for students to meet and talk with professional communicators.

business-eventsStudents will meet professionals from PR agencies (Maccabee PR), corporate communications (Target), government agencies and PR consultancies. $10 Registration includes a drink ticket and appetizers. Scholarships are available on an as needed basis: contact Mark Kretschmar at mark@theyunderstand.com

When: April 15th, 2015 at 5:30 PM


Hayloft at the Urban Growler

2325 Endicott Street

St. Paul, MN 55114

*Registration for the event is required: CLICK HERE.

*Event Site: CLICK HERE

These five respected professionals will be representing an array of Communication Fields:

  • Paul Omodt, ABC, APR, MBC Crisis Communication Consultant
  • Paul Nordgren, Communications Manager, Target
  • Paul Maccabee, Owner, Maccabee PR
  • Amy Barnett, Communications Manager, City of Savage
  • Martha Nevanen, Senior Vice President/Director Commnuications NorthMarq (Pohland Companies)
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Hmong American Farmers Association: Internship!

HAFAThe Hmong American Farmers Association (HAFA) is a membership based nonprofit organization that works with Hmong American farmers in the Twin Cities and the surrounding metropolitan area. The mission of the organization is to advance the economic, social and cultural prosperity of these farmers and their families. Many Hmong farmers face numerous obstacles to farming including lack of access to land, capital, training and alternative markets besides the farmers’ market system. Through cooperative farming, education and advocacy, HAFA works with Hmong farmers and their families to create a path to wealth creation not just income generation.


HAFA interns are expected to work at least 30 hours a week on a number of assigned activities. Interns should arrive to work on time, accomplish their work in an efficient manner, and act respectfully and professionally to fellow colleagues and partners. HAFA is looking for interns who are excited about working with Hmong farmers and people, who can be culturally sensitive to immigrants and refugees, and do not mind working with farmers who may speak very little English. Ability to speak Hmong and knowledge of Hmong culture and customs is preferred.


All interns are expected to assist with the HAFA Food Hub which include washing, sorting, packing, loading and unloading produce for institutional sales and group maintenance projects on the HAFA Farm. These activities will occur on Mondays and Wednesdays. On the other days, intern activities will be organized into three main groupings:

Alternative Markets Program (AMP)

  • Communicating with farmers and staff about upcoming orders and contract deliverables
  • Communicating with institutional partners and CSA members about upcoming orders and contract deliverables
  • Cleaning and maintaining the rinse station, packing shed and cooler area in accordance with food safety standards
  • Packing, loading, tracking, cleaning and maintaining all packaging, small equipment, materials, and protocols associated with the AMP in accordance with food safety standards
  • Washing, sorting, packing, loading and unloading produce for institutional sales
  • Conducting due diligence tests on farmers and their produce
  • Performing data entry

HAFA Farm and Research

  • Maintaining HAFA demonstration projects on bee hives, cover crops, pollinators and pea trellises
  • Maintaining HAFA crops such as watermelons, cucumbers and corn
  • Communicating with farmers, staff and technical experts about research projects
  • Collecting soil samples and water tests
  • Conducting ground and building maintenance on the farm
  • Interacting with farmers to ensure compliance with HAFA Farm protocols and to ascertain farmers’ thoughts about the farm
  • Preparing the farm for the September Open House

Communications and Operations

  • Administrative tasks such as answering incoming calls, filing, and supplies upkeep
  • Conducting membership and internship outreach for the fall
  • Conducting longitudinal survey on HAFA and other Hmong farmers
  • Conducting marketing and social media research and outreach
  • Performing data entry
  • Assisting with logistics for meetings, trainings, and public events

HAFA is an equal opportunity employer.

All Interested candidates should send a resume, cover letter and 3 references to the Operations Director, Zoe Hollomon at zoe@hmongfarmers.com or call (651) 493-8091.



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